Anova, based in Ibrahimeya, Alexandria City, has been founded in October 1996.

Anova ICT Services is working on adapting state-of-the-art technology including hardware, software, communications and support, smoothly and ensuring maximum customers’ satisfaction.

Ever since the first days, Anova founders realized that there are a great opportunity and need for a technology services company with a group of highly qualified experienced professionals possessing talents, enthusiasm and a wide range of information and communication technology skills,  who could help client companies with their technology needs.

The Complexity of today’s business environment demands highly trained professionals who can keep up  to the speeding rate of technological development.

This was the reason why Anova extended its field of business to include training and certification. With branches in Egypt, and Saudi Arabia offering a unique training and education product line for the local Egyptian and Saudi Arabian market, with an increasing ability to expand into the Middle East and North Africa, as well as globally.