Web Design Learning Circles


Web Design Circles focus on learning how to build and develop websites using different tools, offering different web services, making online business and marketing.

Who should attend?

  1. Anyone interested in web design
  2. Anyone interested in making online business and marketing.
  3. Web developers
  4. Web Administrators
  5. IT Managers

Circles titles:

We are offering 10 Web Design Learning Circles:

  1. An introduction to html & css
  2. An introduction to PHP
  3. An introduction to javascripts
  4. An introduction to Jquery
  5. An introduction to MySQL
  6. Securing your website
  7. SEO & Social Media Marketing
  8. Building website using Joomla
  9. Building website using WordPress
  10. Building website using drupal


  • Circle period: 20-30 hours for each
  • 2-3 hours, 2 days/week