The Complexity of today’s business environment demands highly trained professionals who can keep up  to the speeding rate of technological development. This was the reason why Anova extended its field of business to include training and certification.

Anova offers a unique training and education product line for the local Egyptian market with an increasing ability to expand into the Middle East and North Africa.


Despite the young age of the organization in the field of training, our cooperation with a high-caliber group of professional trainers has enabled us to provide top international standard curricula in different fields of knowledge. However, the company integrates and customizes additional non-standard education services specially designed to fulfill your business and employees needs.

Technical Team

Anova’s technical team considers the instructor as one of most important components of successful training and education business, that is why Anova meticulously selects its technical instructors. The selection criteria were based on professional field experience, international certification, excellent teaching skills and exceptional communication abilities.

Market coverage, facilities and resources

In spite of existing in a competitive market, the opportunity to grow is always present. Consequently, Anova focused on: maximizing its existence in different market regions, creating an ideal education environment, making its service available all the time and developing its team to cover more of the market demands. This resulted in distinguished training centers with quality education environment.